What Happens When You Are Facing a Claim for Monetary Damages?

judge delivering statement in court
Unfortunately, sometimes our clients are faced with tough luck situations where a business deal or loan goes bad and a creditor seeks to collect monies that are allegedly owed.  Erik Bashian, head of the Bashian & Papantoniou litigation department, has successfully represented numerous clients in the settlement of such claims without the need for long and costly litigation.  Bashian credits his negotiation skills and experience when obtaining a reasonable and amicable resolution to such monetary disputes.   Recently, Bashian & Papantoniou, settled a claim, in which the creditor was seeking $100,000 in damages from our client under a promissory note and asset purchase agreement that was procured in fraud.   Instead of paying the creditor any money, our firm negotiated a $25,000 settlement in favor of our client (the debtor) by asserting claims and defenses stemming from fraud and duress.
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