Nassau County District Attorney’s Office Bans Prosecutors From Applying For Gun Permits or Possessing a Weapon

No Firearms Allowed sign
So Long Island, New York what do you think?  Should Nassau County prosecutors be banned from applying for gun permits even if the weapon is intended for home protection only?  The Nassau County DA’s office seems to think its policy is constitutional, as its bans prosecutors from owning or possessing a weapon unless in certain circumstances an exception has been granted in writing from the DA’s office.   The Second Amendment of the United States of America provides all individuals, even Nassau County prosecutors, with the right to ‘keep and bear arms.’  In fact, many believe a criminal prosecutor exhibits an extreme need to bear arms to protect themselves and their families when away from work.  Many critics of the policy also claim that the policy is in direct contravention with NY Labor Code § 201-d, which prevents the discrimination against employees from engaging in certain recreational activities or hobbies (i.e. gun collecting) away from employment.  Either way it will be interesting to see how this controversial policy plays out over the next few months and whether or not a disgruntled prosecutor will bring a suit against the County for enforcement of its rights under the Second Amendment. Read more here on Fox News.
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