New Commercial Division Monetary Thresholds Effective September 2, 2014

man using Update stamp

The Administrative Board of the Courts has announced their decision to amend Section 202.70 (a) of the Uniform Civil Rules of the New York State Supreme and County Courts with respect to monetary thresholds for the Commercial Division.   The monetary thresholds of the Commercial Division are exclusive of punitive damages, interests, costs, disbursements and attorneys’ fees claimed.   The changes are as follows:

Albany County$  25,800$  50,000
Eighth Judicial District$  50,000$ 100,000
Kings County$  75,000$ 150,000
Nassau County$ 100,000$ 200,000
New York County$ 500,000
Onondaga County$   25,000$   50,000
Queens County$   50,000$ 100,000
Seventh Judicial District$   50,000
Suffolk County$  50,000$ 100,000
Westchester County$  100,000

Erik M. Bashian is the former vice chair of the Commercial Litigation Committee of the Nassau County Bar Association.  His practice focuses on civil litigation related to commercial disputes in the New York state court system.  These areas of practice include claims related to: breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duties, fraud, real estate litigation, monies owed for services and goods sold and construction disputes.

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