You Finally Recovered a Money Judgment….Now What!!

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The enforcement of a money judgment or court order directing the payment of money is governed by Article 52 of the CPLR.  When enforcing a money judgment against a defendant or judgment debtor, it is very important that you understand and take advantage of all of available resources under the law.  If you are a plaintiff or judgment creditor and need assistance in enforcing a money judgment you should contact the Judgment Enforcement attorneys of Bashian & Papantoniou to schedule a consultation, in which we will develop your strategy to help seize the assets of a defendant or judgment debtor.  Generally speaking, the first question that a plaintiff or judgment creditor may have is “what property can I seize of the judgment debtor?”  A money judgment is enforceable against any property owned or controlled by a judgment debtor that can be transferred or assigned, including present or future rights or interest in said property.  The next question is, “how do you locate the assets of a judgment debtor or defendant? “ The New York trial attorneys of Bashian & Papantoniou work closely with a team of highly skilled private investigators who will well help locate every available piece of information about the defendant or judgment debtor for purposes of utilizing our subpoena powers, serving restraining notices and eventually executing upon and seizing said property.   “What happens when a defendant or judgment debtor fails to comply with a subpoena?” If a defendant or judgment debtor does not comply with the production of documents or appear for a deposition pursuant to a duly served subpoena, the New York trial lawyers of Bashian & Papantoniou will aggressively pursue all available legal remedies to protect our client’s rights and punish , which include moving for contempt of court.  To schedule a consultation with a New York money judgment attorney, please contact Bashian & Papantoniou at (516) 279-1555.
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