Don’t Interfere With My Contract!

contract dispute in corporate
Many times a client will come to our team of Long Island attorneys and claim they are the victim of tortious interference with contract.   It is important for you to understand what elements are necessary for a plaintiff to be successful on establishing this claim.  Tortious interference with contract requires a plaintiff to establish four factors: 1) there must be an existing contract between a plaintiff and third-party; 2) defendant must know about this contract; 3) defendant must intentionally cause a breach of the contract without justification; and 4) damages.  Public policy encourages the plaintiff to pursue his or her valid contractual rights without the meddling of third-parties.   The statute of limitations or time frame to commence a claim for tortious interference with contractual relations is three-years.   The damages available to a plaintiff are the loss of benefits from the contract and sometimes even punitive damages.  Some examples of contracts that may be tortiously interfered with are a contract of sale for real estate, lease, employment agreement, note or even a music producer agreement.  If you are in need of legal representation to assist you in prosecuting or defending against a tortious interference with contractual relations claim then please contact the New York lawyers of Bashian & Papantoniou.
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