Dealing with Disciplinary Allegations at Universities

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When a client contacts us about a disciplinary issue stemming from alleged violations at a university or graduate program – the first thing that we will want to review is something called the code of conduct.  The code of conduct is a handbook that discusses the school’s policies and procedures.  It also provides for the procedural rights of the student, while protecting the community at large.

By reviewing and interpreting the provisions of the code of conduct, a student will be able to gather information concerning all of the student’s rights and obligations with respect to the formal charges that they may be facing.  Our team of attorneys strongly recommend that any student being charged with a violation of the code of conduct immediately contact an attorney before attending a meeting at the university.

After reviewing the charges, we will work directly with the student by reviewing the evidence produced by the university and the student file, including all documents and records.  This allows for our Long Island university attorneys and the student to prepare a defense at an administrative or student board hearing on the pending charges.  Our work at this level will generally include the review of documents, the drafting of a written statement on behalf of the student, as well as, preparing for a direct and cross-examination of the accuser or other witnesses.  We will help the student interpret the charges to ensure that he/she obtains the best result. Following a decision letter from the school, if necessary we will also help the student appeal any of the sanctions imposed, by drafting and formulating a written appeal.

We have found our involvement with the student by representing them at all levels of the disciplinary proceeding helps streamline the issues and ensure that the most favorable result is obtained.

We are students of the law.

We understand how frustrating it can be when you are forced to deal with an administrative faculty that appears to have an agenda.

By contacting our New York education attorneys we will work with you through these tough times, while providing the support that you deserve.

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