Beat the Ticket – Lower the Fines and Points!!

deputy writing ticket for car driver
Did you know that in New York your driver’s license can be suspended if you receive 11 points or more for traffic convictions in an 18 month period?   Did you know that 6 or more points (or the conviction of certain offenses) in an 18 month period results in a Driver Responsibility Assessment fee, in addition to all the normal fines, penalties or surcharges imposed when you enter into a plea arrangement or plead guilty.  If your New York driver’s license is suspended or revoked it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle.   That is why it is so important to drive responsibly and contact an attorney whenever you are faced with a traffic violation.   Many Nassau County or Long Island drivers that retain our team of traffic attorneys to defend their interests in traffic court, are individuals or commercial drivers that are confronting allegations of speeding, texting while driving, failing to yield to a stop sign or traffic device and failure to wear a  seatbelt.  We work our clients to ascertain the facts behind the ticket and to develop a defense that will result in the most favorable outcome to the driver, while keeping the points and fines at  a minimum.   If you are faced with a traffic ticket and need an aggressive and experienced attorney to represent you – please contact Bashian & Papantoniou to schedule your free consultation.
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