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Effected by the unavailability of generic Adderall XR due to the shortage?

Were you forced to purchase Adderall XR brand product because drug manufacturers failed to manufacturer generic versions of the drug?

Have you paid inflated prices for the Adderall XR brand product and deprived of the benefits from less expensive generic versions of the medicine?

Do you suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (“ADHD”)?

Have you been unable to fill your generic Adderall XR prescription due to its unavailability?

Are you considering an Adderall shortage lawsuit?

Shire LLC and Shire U.S., Inc. (“Shire”) are pharmaceutical drug manufacturers that are alleged to have unlawfully excluded, impeded and restrained competition for a certain generic mixture of amphetamine salts that are sold as Adderall XR, which are commonly used in treating ADHD.   It is being claimed that Shire monopolized the market for Adderall XR  by falsely promising to provide generic manufacturers with the active pharmaceutical ingredients of Adderall XR  for purposes of inducing the settlement of patent litigation and enabling them to sell competing Adderall XR  products, while continuing to receive a royalty on such sales.   

As of late 2010, it has been published that Shire deliberately defaulted on such agreements for the anti-competitive purpose of impeding generic rivals so that users of the medication would be forced to purchase the Adderall XR brand product at inflated prices.   Thereby keeping cheaper generic versions of Adderall XR out of the market, decreasing competition and resulting in drastic increased in the price of prescription Adderall XR.  It has been reported that generic Adderall XR is in such short supply that users of the medication are unable to fill their prescriptions.  Many believe that an Adderall shortage lawsuit is impending.

The Adderall XR Shortage attorneys of Bashian & Papantoniou are currently investigating whether Shire has violated the laws by eliminating generic versions of Adderall XR from the marketplace. For more information or a free case evaluation on the Adderall shortage lawsuit, please contact our Adderall XR Shortage attorneys of Bashian & Papantoniou, P.C., by mail at 500 Old Country Road, Suite 302, Garden City, New York 11530 or by telephone at (516) 279-1554, or by email at, or visit our website at

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