Does the Bail Meet the Crime in the Prostitution Ring Case?

Many experts are claiming the New York Supreme court’s imposition of a $4 million bond on a mother of four children with no arrest record may be too high. Anna Gristina, 44, has been charged with a single nonviolent low-level felony in the high-end prostitution ring, where Manhattan prosecutors are alleging that Gristina has been running a prostitution business for years. She has been jailed in Rikers Island for 50 days and appears to have no intention of leaving, as she is unable to meet the demanding $4 million bond imposed upon her. Gristina has pleaded not guilty to the Class D felony of promoting prosecution. What are your feelings on the bail set for Gristina? If you or a loved one requires immediate legal attention, as a result of an arrest or police investigation, then you should contact the attorneys of Bashian & Papantoniou at (516) 279-1555 today.
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