Did Rachel Uchitel Blow All Her Hush Money Already or is Tiger Woods in for Another Upset?

Rachel Uchitel, the main star in Tiger Woods’ sex scandal had been given millions in hush money to stay quiet about their affair together. In fact, she was given 10 million, which begs the question: What else does she have to tell and how bad is it for Tiger to shell out a sum like that in order to keep it under wraps? Well, thanks to Uchitel’s recent appearance on VH1’s ‘Celebrity Rehab,’ we may actually find out.

Although the former mistress never explicitly mentioned Tiger Woods, she was described as a “tabloid celebrity,” the “focus of negative media attention” and that she suffers from a “love addiction.” Bits and pieces amounting to enough for Woods’ attorney Jay Lavely to threaten Gloria Allred, Uchitel’s attorney, with their intentions of pursuing her client for this alleged breach of their confidentiality agreement. End result? Uchitel reportedly gave back a sizeable chunk of her original $10 million ‘earnings.’ The big question now is whether or not she is free to dish on all the details, an opportunity that may earn her full 10 million back and maybe even more in tv, movie, gossip column and book deals.

This likely won’t be the case. If she retained some of the money, the agreement has not been fully rescinded and Uchitel will still be required to maintain the confidentiality she settled for. And if not, and she decides to go public in a tell-all session, will anyone even care at this point? Let’s face it, since this debacle Tiger Woods’ celebrity status has plummeted, along with his golf game. It’s unclear just how much the public cares about either of these two or this scandal anymore. We’ll have to wait and see what Uchitel can come up with to gain the public’s interest again and win her millions back. News has it she may already be on her way with a potential appearance in Donald Trump’s next season of Celebrity Apprentice.

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