Garden City Sued For $150 Million Dollars In Civil Rights Complaint For The Acts Of The Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office And City Detectives

Jabbar Collins sued the City of New York for its prosecution of murder charges against him in 1995.  Mr. Collins alleges that prosecutors in the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office “wrongfully withheld a key witness’ recantation, had knowingly coerced and relied on false testimony and argument at trial, had knowingly suppressed exculpatory and impeachment evidence, and had acted affirmatively to cover up such misconduct for 15 years.”  The Complaint alleges the City of New York caused “the unconstitutional conviction and orchestrated” the purported cover-up by allowing its prosecutors to disclose false or misleading information about the circumstances surrounding various witness testimony and by depriving the defense of information.  The Complaint also names six district attorneys, two detectives for the DA’s office and two city police detectives, as individual defendants in the lawsuit.  ComplaintExhibits
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