Trouble Brewing in the Candidates at Hofstra Law School

Amora Rachelle, a second year law student at Hofstra University was arrested this past week for fraudulently impersonating a psychiatrist. The 35 year-old Long Island resident was billing both clients and insurance companies despite her lack of a medical license. Although this is not the first time Rachelle has made the headlines, it is her most damaging story yet. She had recently been in the news after secretly videotaping her Rabbi husband’s encounters with prostitutes on the Sabbath. Rachelle currently faces an enumeration of felony charges including: grand larceny in the third degree, falsifying business records in the first degree, scheme to defraud in the first degree, offering a false instrument for filing in the first degree and finally, unauthorized practices.

This scandal tainting Hofstra University’s law school comes on the heels of Rachelle’s classmate, 23 year-old Evan Sachs who was arrested earlier this year for randomly stabbing an eight year-old child at Dave and Busters. The accused was charged with attempted murder in the second degree in addition to two counts of assault of possession of a weapon. Sachs was a 1L at Hofstra Law School until dropping out several months later. Earlier this year, he walked up to a random eight year-old boy playing video games in the popular Westbury location arcade and stabbed him in the back five times.

While Hofstra Law School’s rankings continue to be on the rise, this negative press is certainly casting down a dark shadow. Fraud and attempted murder charges among the student roster leaves many wondering about the otherwise reputable school’s screening process of applicants.

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